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The 6 Biggest Bridal Hair No No's

Bridal hair is an important decision for every bride. Choosing playful styles that are comfortable throughout your event is so important.  It’s also important to choose the right bridal and wedding accessories and hairpins. These are the biggest bridal hair no no's:

6. Using flowers that wilt easily

  • Pick floral blooms for your hairstyle with care.
  • You do not want anything that wilts in a couple of hours.
  • Keep your blossoms fresh by storing them in a fridge until you’re done with your hairdo! 
5. Too many hair products
  • Loading on too many products before your hair appointment is a big no-no!
  • Stylists prefer styling hair with no leave-in product.
  • The ideal canvas is to have hair that has been fully dried and straightened. 
4. Overloading on hair treatments
  • It’s important to not have something semi-permanent done to your hair. For example, straightening, keratin, etc.
  • Semi-permanent treatments cause difficulty for the hair professionals to style the bride’s hair.
  • Stay away from super chemical treatments. 
3. Washing your hair on your wedding day
  • It is best if you don’t wash your hair on your wedding day.
  • Bridal hairstyles are elaborate and require hours to do; freshly washed hair is difficult to tame.
  • Dry shampoo can be a last-minute alternative – spray onto the roots first and then work your way down to the tips of your strands. 
    2. Growing your hair without proper care
    • Do not get sucked into growing your hair without getting regular haircuts. You can end up with dry and limp looking hair. Hairstylists can offer you extensions to get extra length.
    • Doing your own hair – The rise of Pinterest and social media has inspired brides to do their hair themselves. But many are unaware of the consequences of over-drying their hair before the wedding.
    • Lack of proper care can lead to excessive frizziness that can ruin your whole look. 
      1. Adding too many accessories
      • Flowers, braids, clips and pins and pieces of jewelry can be beautiful. However, adding too many and too much of a mix is overkill.
      • Instead, bring focus with a simple elegant statement piece or feature of your hairstyle that ties in with your entire look.


      If you choose to dye your hair, it is critical that you use products that will not harm your hair. Remember to select the right color to make your special day stand out. Consider all-natural plant products that are free of harsh chemicals. For example, if dark brown is your go to hair color, you should think about using an all-natural dark brown hair dye.

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